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Our mission

FreshOS is on a mission to provide iOS developers with simple tools to solve problems that 99% of us have. We believe developers should focus on valuable things like app logic, rather than casting the values of a JSON Parsing \o/. We thrive to make apis as simple as possible, yet flexible enough to handle 99% of use-cases. We believe in Unix-style libraries, that do one thing and do it well. Since we have control over those tools, they fit together nicely.


AutoLayout - Stevia 🍃 Star

Write expressive autolayout code, readable and maintainable

Networking - ws ☁️ Star

Write concise networking code that leverages the power of Alamofire, promises and JSON Parsing

Async - then 🎬 Star

Make Async code delightful with Promises

JSON - Arrow 🏹 Star

Write minimalist JSON Parsing that infers type and doest get in the way of your models

Reduce Stress & Errors

Localize 🏁 Star

Emit warnings and errors when Localizations are missing or unused

Asset Checker 👮 Star

Emit warnings and errors when assets are missing or unused

Integrate Faster

SketchToSwift 📲 Star

Generate Swift code from Sketch designs

Who we are

Let’s not forget the 100+ people that contributed via pull requests, issues or even just talking to them :) This wouldn’t be possible without them <3

Production ready

Our libraries have been Downloaded 175k+ times and already more than 3700+ Apps use freshOS tools!

Source : Cocoapods

Testimonials <3

Sketch to Swift is an amazing way to build quick prototypes. Always using to build small samples for my freelancing clients. Also using AssetChecker so I’m never messing up and breaking my code because I deleted or changed the name of an asset. I appreciate the work they put in freshOS and I’m glad AwesomeiOS has all of them
Lucas Farah - Admin @Awesome-iOS

Just want to say I love your different solutions. It’s smart clean and easy to use.
Florent Douine - iOS Developer

Man I just wanted to tell you that Stevia, then, Arrow and ws is the most beautiful thing ever made! Really! This is beautiful!
Mauran Muthiah - Developer

This kind of libraries really is perfect. Very focused, obviously simple and useful, no magic, and small. They make development easier one step at a time.
Anonymous - HackerNews


You can raise a github issue on the project you need support with or contact us at

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