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Live Reload

You can even enable live reload during your development phase! 🎉🎉🎉

Stevia + InjectionForXcode = <3 (WhoNeedsReactNative??) 🚀

Output sample

Just Cmd+S and you can dev live in the simulator !

  • Download InjectionForXcode on the Appstore
  • Install it & Launch it.
  • Choose Open Project and choose your project's root folder.
  • Make sure on File Watcher is selected that Cmd+S triggers an injection.
  • In your AppDelegate, put the following snippet to load injection on App start. Make sure to remove this for release builds :)
Bundle(path: "/Applications/")?.load()

In order to support live reload with InjectionForXcode, we simply need to tell our ViewController to rebuild a view after an injection occured.

in viewDidLoad() add :

    self.view = MyView()

And Voila :)